Doppler Social App is a mobile application with a mission to help users cultivate online relationships that foster real time connections. With its interactive heat map, Doppler Social App allows users to explore the most popular venues within their city and make connections with people based off common ground and where they’re going. Doppler Social App encourages users to connect offline through shared interests and popular events, reducing digital fatigue and increasing real-life experiences.


How it works:

  • Interactive heat map signifying the most socially active areas in your city
  • Real reviews of popular venues, hidden gems, and local favorites
  • Events specific to your location and outing interests
  • Match with users that are attending the same events and like the same venues
  • Option to become undiscoverable by other users in, GHOST MODE
  • Status update bar to spark real time connections
  • Increased user engagement with a 24 hour response time limit after matching
  • Strict blocking and reporting of bad offline/online behavior